An introduction to CrossFit.

Always been curious about CrossFit but a little nervous to start? Never done CrossFit before but heard from your friends about how awesome CrossFit is, and want to give it a go? Are you at that point in your life where a life style change needs to happen, so you can be a better you? Then the Fundamentals Program is for you.

Welcome to Crossfit Trailblazer

CrossFit is a unique sport and when you have a clear understanding of the fundamentals of our workouts, you will be able to minimise the risk of injury and see better results, faster. We care about moving well and safely, so you can take your fitness and apply it to your everyday life. Our Fundamentals Program is a two week introductory course to CrossFit, tailored to provide you with the best tools so you can excel in your fitness journey. We know that starting something new can be nerve-racking and being out of your comfort zone can be uncomfortable. But, there is no growth or change in what we find comfortable, and so we want to support you in this program with the right tools so you feel empowered to take your fitness journey to another level. We would love to hear your goals, ambitions and desire to get into CrossFit. Reach out!

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